Silver jewelry care

For the proper maintenance of our collection of sterling silver jewelry (earrings, earrings, chokers, ear cuffs, bracelets, etc.) we recommend:

  • do not wet them
  • Avoid doing sports and sweating with them
  • Keep them away from chemical products such as: shampoos, gels, perfumes, creams, lacquers, etc.

These recommendations are especially indicated for those pieces with a gold bath ; Being made of silver, with use and contact with the skin, they can lose their gold plating and tend more and more to silver.

You also have to take into account that the ph of each one's skin is unique. Sometimes a person's skin can react with silver or gold plating, blackening the piece. In this case, we recommend not using sterling silver and/or gold-plated jewelry.

The ear cuffs with zircons must remain in their original diameter and must not be manipulated (open/close ) to maintain the correct setting of the stones.


Silver: you can quickly polish it with a specific microfiber chamois for jewelry. If the piece is very dirty, dissolve a little neutral soap in warm water and gently rub the jewel with a brush. Dry with a cotton cloth.

Gold-plated silver - should only be cleaned with a specific microfiber chamois for jewellery. If you are going to place an order and want to take advantage of the shipping so that we can clean your jewel, write to us at


It is important that, when you are not wearing your jewelry, you store it correctly. Although you may have already heard it, it is important to keep silver pieces away from humidity and exposure to light . We recommend you keep your little jewel in its bag and it in a closed jewelery box or box.


Strending does not guarantee that the gold plating of the jewels will last indefinitely. Gold-plated pieces are generally more delicate and susceptible to losing color over time and tending to silver, especially if the care indicated in the previous sections is not carried out.

The duration of the gold bath will depend on different factors such as sweating, improper use, the PH of the skin or the use of cosmetic products. For this reason, gold-plated jewelry requires special care.